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AI Readiness: Step 1

  • The first step of the 7-step AI Readiness Framework is about educating, enthusing, and exciting your team and colleagues so that you can view yourselves and your organisation through a ‘data and AI lens’

  • You will develop an ‘AI mindset’ that allows you to view the challenges in your educational setting as those which may be solvable using AI. That allows you to see your rich, complex data as not just siloed, unconnected, impenetrable repositories of spotty information, but connective tissue that unites the commonalities at school, such as issues around attendance, attainment gaps, budgets, behavioural interventions, essay grading, homework, recruitment and more

  • An AI mindset allows you to be open to the possibility that actually, if your data was studied, it might reveal something unexpected that challenged your preconceptions about what otherwise seemed like an obvious dilemma at school that you just hadn’t got around to investigating

  • Key Takeaway: talk to your colleagues about data. AI is often a nebulous term with broad connotations that either scares or is too vague to be of meaning to people, but collecting and connecting all that disparate data in your school could help you and your colleagues immeasurably in the long run

 - Professor Rose Luckin, Founder, EDUCATE Ventures Research, July 2022

Step 1: Modules

Ask Questions

A good place to start is to think about the AI you use in your work and play already.

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Learn About the History of AI

Try to immerse yourself in some of the rich history of AI’s development. It will help contextualise some of its modern features

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Identify the Differences Between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Examine the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and ask why those differences matter

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Beware the Risks

Consider some of the possible risks around the use and development of AI in a school or education and training business

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The Different Types of AI

Not all AI systems are the same, and it’s important to understand their key differences

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The Need for Data

AI feeds on data, and it is a hungry beast. What kind of data do you have in your organisation?

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Autonomy & Adaptivity

The capacity for an artificial agent to operate independent of human guidance, and the ability to improve performance by learning from experience, and adapt to the needs of individuals

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Regulation is extremely important, but

the development and evolution of technology will always outstrip it, so we must prioritise ethical AI

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Step 1: Further Reading

Below you can find a selection of resources, books, podcasts, webinars, and research papers appropriate to your stage of AI Readiness. Good luck!

Download this step as a PDF here.

AI for School Teachers, Byte-Sized Edition

  • An easy-to-read 10-page byte-sized summary of the book of the same name, written by Professors Rose Luckin, Mutlu Cukurova, and Headteacher Karine George, members of the senior team actively developing and using the AI Readiness Framework from which these recommendations derive

Is AI Set to Change the Way You Teach?

  • A 40 minute podcast from Tes Podagogy where Professor Rose Luckin and Headteacher Karine George discuss AI Readiness in schools and educational institutions

Working Well with AI

  • A wide-ranging set of podcasts featuring guests from across the worlds of work and education speaking to Professor Rose Luckin about how AI and technology has affected their practice and profession

AI Readiness: Step 1 Webinar for Educators/Businesses

  • Two separate webinars introducing Step 1 of the AI Readiness Framework, one targeted toward educationalists, and the other targeted to educational businesses

Is AI Intelligent?

  • An easy-to-read 2-page summary from the EVR Byte-Sized Library on definitions of AI and intelligence from Dr Carmel Kent

AI for School Teachers

  • The complete book on the AI Readiness Framework, specifically for teachers and headteachers in schools. It will help teachers and heads understand enough about AI to build a strategy for how it can be used in their school. Though it is pitched to teachers and contains familiar examples, the approach should still be used by education and training businesses working with technology

Empowering Educators to be AI Ready

  • The research paper proposing the AI Readiness Framework for educators, produced by the AI for School Teachers authors and the AI & Data Science team at EDUCATE Ventures Research. The paper features an example of the framework used in a Higher Education Institution

Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

  • Professor Rose Luckin’s 2018 publication, the book proposes a framework for understanding the complexity of human intelligence. In it, Rose identifies the comparative limitations of AI when analysed with this framework and offers recommendations for how educators can draw on what AI does best to nurture and expand human capabilities

AIRC Step 1 Modules
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