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A new service for BESA Members

EdTech startups must be crystal clear on the impact their products and services create in education.  Decision-makers are increasingly asking how a company's product will change and improve teaching and learning behaviour.  Education and training leaders demand companies demonstrate their promises with reliable evidence.


The EVR Evidence and Impact programme will help any company, no matter their size, effectively evidence the impact of their learning tools for customers, regulators, and themselves.

Programme Overview

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At EVR, we are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with BESA to offer a new service to BESA members.  The EVR Evidence and Impact Programme has been designed to enable companies to better evidence the impact of their products and services on the education sector, and to successfully communicate this evidence to their customers.

The Importance of Evidencing of Impact

In order to succeed, businesses in our sector must now be very clear as to the positive impact their product or service will bring about.  Increasingly decision makers are asking how a product or service will harness or change learner or teacher behaviour to optimise outcomes.  Educational and training leaders are demanding that companies back up their promises with reliable evidence.

Three Services Available:

Evidence & Impact Audit Service

You'll receive:

  • An Evidence & Impact Recommendations Report

  • An Evidence & Impact Profile Report

Weeks 1-4
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Annual Review & Next Steps

You'll receive:

  • An annual review of the company's data, Evidence & Impact Profile and processes

  • An updated Evidence & Impact Report

    • Next Steps​

    • Revised training  & mentoring programme

Weeks 11-14
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Company Improvement Plan

You'll receive:

  • An assessment of your impact plan

  • A bespoke staff training & mentoring programme

  • Access to the EVR alumni network, it's events and experts

Weeks 5-10
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Want more than one service?

Mentorship and support is provided between services, meaning you'll keep up momentum with no loss of progress. 

The EVR Evidence and Impact Programme will help any company, no matter their size to effectively evidence their impact for customers, regulators, and themselves.

“Our new service will enable BESA members to discover and learn the tools to help them develop effective educational research and evidence practices within their own companies with the help, advice and support of internationally renowned EdTech evidence and research expert Professor Rose Luckin and her EVR team.” Caroline Wright, Director General, BESA


“We’re working to make educational research more accessible and usable, so that we can ensure educational technology is robust, valid and fit for purpose. Everyone can benefit from evidence-informed EdTech. Learners can become better at learning, teachers can become better at teaching, researchers can conduct more impactful research, and developers can produce more effective technologies” – Professor Rose Luckin, Founder, EVR

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