Local impact. Global reach. 

We are proud to be partnered with a number of organisations, both in the UK and globally, that share our vision for improving access to research and evidence in EdTech. Together, we are striving to raise the quality of research available, to benefit learners all over the world.

Our experience of working directly with EdTech companies, policymakers and investors, in the UK and internationally, has allowed us to test our work against the needs of the EdTech ecosystem. As a result, the EDUCATE model has evolved into a robust framework for organisations who wish to access and apply evidence to the production of EdTech. This is part of our commitment to grow the global EdTech community. 



EDUCATE International Hubs

One of the ways in which we are supporting the global EdTech community is through the creation of international EDUCATE Hubs. EDUCATE France is the first of these, supporting French entrepreneurs and start-ups working on the design and development of evidence based EdTech. 

EDUCATE France.png

EDUCATE France is a partnership between the Département du Val d’Oise, the Université de Cergy-Pontoise and ESSEC. It supports the Département du Val d’Oise, which has responsibility for the running of 111 middle schools, by strengthening its support to students and helping classroom professionals to deliver better teaching every day.

To find out more about how you can set up an EDUCATE Hub in your region, please get in touch with us below.