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Online Course: £

Single payment, lifetime access.

Included with the course:

Professor Rose Luckin's AI Readiness Online Course is an 8-step programme to introduce you to the worlds of AI, data, and ethics.


Over the course of 50 videos you'll learn about AI, human intelligence, data collection, AI techniques, and what we can learn from AI applied to educational data.


Build up your knowledge and skills so that you may work ethically and effectively with AI and data.


  • This course now includes the Generative AI Online Course

  • The total run time of the recorded video content is about 2.5hrs

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Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design, UCL, and Founder/CEO of EDUCATE Ventures Research

Sample some of the course content below:

Course X - Module 1 (of X) Title

This is the first time that freely available scaled AI is available for everyone with an Internet connection.  This module is from the Generative AI Online Course, included with the AI Readiness Online Course.

Course information

Who should take this course?  What is x?

The AI Readiness Online Course is for educators and leaders in schools, and educational businesses, colleges and universities, and for parents, students, researchers, training organisations, entrepreneurs and EdTech developers, and anyone curious about AI and what it can do. 


Take this course if you are an educator or working in an educational businesses.  If you're a parent, student, researcher, or just curious about AI, you'll find it helpful too.  Build your knowledge and skills so that you can work ethically and effectively with AI and data, and ensure that when it arrives on your doorstep, you see a familiar face.

Meet your instructor

Dave Turnbull, Deputy Head of Educator AI Training

Dave’s seven years’ experience in primary classrooms, including 5 years as his school’s Computing Curriculum Lead, has given him a front-row view to the challenges schools face in developing coherent digital strategies.  As Deputy Head of Educator AI Training at EDUCATE Ventures, he’s helping to build next generation CPD for leaders and teachers in this space.  Dave has a BA in Media Arts from Royal Holloway University of London and worked in film and television prior to completing a PGCE at Goldsmiths, specialising in Early Years.  He planned, developed, and implemented his school's digital strategy, enabling him to guide the staff through remote teaching during the pandemic.  He recently left teaching to become the primary caretaker for his son, and is excited to apply his experience to system-level digital capacity building in education. 

David Turnbull, Teacher-in-Residence

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