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- Training schools, organisations and individuals how to use AI, backed by 30 years of research -

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Professor Rose Luckin's EDUCATE Ventures Research uses AI ethically to make education and training better for schools, organisations, and individuals.

  • Trusted by teachers and senior leaders

  • Trained over 375 educational businesses

  • Worked with international school groups, education ministries, and the UK Government

AI CPD for Educators
AI Essentials for Your Organisation

How it works:

You can have our AI CPD and AI Essentials for your organisation delivered live, or you can learn in your own time.  

  • Live CPD and Training is performed online or in-person.  The choice is yours!

  • To learn in your own time, sign up and purchase your training, and access the material any time you wish

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The packages:

AI CPD for Educators:

  • AI Essentials for Teachers

  • AI Strategy for Leaders and Heads - coming soon

  • AI Safeguarding - coming soon

AI Essentials for Teachers Promo
AI CPD for Educators

AI Essentials for Your Organisation:

  • AI Essentials for You and Your Organisation: The AI Roadmap

AI Roadmap for Your Organisation
AI Essentials for Your Organisation

We also provide AI Consultancy and Expert Speakers for your event


We consult on and co-design ethical AI solutions to complex educational problems in data-driven technology ventures.  Our team can help you leverage your organisational data to provide actionable intelligence on human learning.


 We speak at numerous conferences, workshops, summits and seminars around the world and contribute to panels, keynotes, and publishing opportunities throughout the year.  Get Professor Rose Luckin and the AI & Data Science team's expert input at your upcoming event

Are you a Leader or Headteacher using AI in your School?

Professor Rose Luckin and the EVR Team would like to invite you to participate in a national benchmarking exercise to evaluate current trends in the use of AI in education. 


Your perspective counts and all Rose and the team will need is for you to complete a simple 10-minute self-evaluation.  

In return for your involvement, you will be given free access to a private personalised report card and the final anonymised benchmarking publication. 

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Looking for something else?


Meet Rose Luckin, Founder & CEO of EDUCATE Ventures Research (EVR), Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL's Knowledge Lab and host of the EdTech Podcast. 


Rose has spent over 30 years developing and studying AI for education.  She is renowned for her research into the design and evaluation of educational technology and AI, and has been named as one of the 20 most influential people in education in the 2017 Seldon List, and is the only non-US winner to have received the prestigious ISTE Impact Award.

Rose is the architect behind many of the resources in the EVR Resource bank:

Rose Luckin Image

Professor Rose Luckin

Machine Learning & Human Intelligence Image

Machine Learning & Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century (2018) - an open-source ebook from Professor Rose Luckin with a framework for the understanding of human intelligence

AI for School Teachers Image

AI for School Teachers (AI for Everything Series) (2022) - why everyone needs basic AI and data literacy to consciously engage safely with AI technology, from Professors Luckin, Cukurova, and Headteacher Karine George

AI Readiness Online Course Image

The AI Readiness Online Course - 50 training modules to help build your knowledge and skills so that you can work ethically and effectively with AI and data in education and training

The Skinny Logo

The Skinny on AI for Education - Discover the latest insights, trends, and developments at the intersection of AI and education from Professor Rose Luckin and the EDUCATE Ventures Research team


Would you like to know more?
Get in touch with the EVR team below: 

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