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Global EdTech Startup Awards 

Accelerating your company's growth with international recognition, the GESAwards will identify, showcase and recognise the world's most promising EdTech startups of the year.

The Competition

The application window is now closed

Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) is an initiative led by a group of leading education innovation organisations from across the world.  


​For the last 5 years, EDUCATE Ventures Research has hosted the UK semifinals of the competition in the late Autumn, picking the contestants for the day through criteria published on the GESAwards website.



​1. Address a clear pain point, relevant to the market

2. Provide an innovative pedagogical approach

3. Offer a relevant user experience

4. Show potential for growth based on a sustainable business model

5. Demonstrate product viability

In November 2022, the winner of the UK semifinals was sAInaptic, an EDUCATE alumnus!  sAInaptic provides instant feedback on exam-style GCSE questions!

Our two runners up were Bodyswaps and the Gender Equality Collective

Below is a timeline of the process created by GESAwards.  It will give you an indication of what next year's event will look like.

GESA 2022 Timeline.png
The application window is now closed

You can watch the last two semifinals from November 2020 and November 2021 here, each held online.  GESA is always a lot of fun!

EDUCATE is in partnership with GESAwards and will select participants for, and run, the UK semifinals for the worldwide competition during an online event in late Autumn - sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date. 


Logos, information, branding and timeline figure courtesy of GESAwards and MindCet.

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