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Global EdTech Startup Awards 2020

Accelerating your company's growth with international recognition, the GESAwards will identify, showcase and recognise the world's most promising EdTech startups of the year.

The Competition

Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) is an initiative led by a group of leading education innovation organisations from across the world.  


The application window has now been extended until 30th September, and full competition criteria can be found on the GESAwards website.  Please be aware regional partners reserve the right to apply criteria to applicants other than that published by GESAwards.  Applicants should:

  1. Address a clear pain point, relevant to the market 

  2. Provide an innovative pedagogical approach 

  3. Have an outstanding user experience 

  4. Show potential for growth in its user base 

  5. Operate in the context of a sustainable business model

Please note that it may not be possible to assess the user experience (some applicants may not have one).  As a research accelerator, EDUCATE will be interested to see which applicants provide evidence of efficacy for their product, process or service.

This year, in addition to the regular application category, a group of special tracks will be available for startups seeking to provide educational interventions in the following fields:

  • ​Geography, partnered with National Geographic Society

  • School Dropouts, partnered with IDB, Lemann Foundation & Imaginable Futures

  • R+D Innovation, partnered with EduLab, Japan

  • Learn + Connect, partnered with Sasa Setton Foundation

  • EdTech Post-Covid-19, partnered with UK Israel EdTech Taskforce

Apply to GESAwards, get global exposure and compete towards the most promising EdTech Startup in the world.

EDUCATE is in partnership with GESAwards and will select participants for, and run, the UK semifinals for the worldwide competition during an online event in late Autumn - sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date. 


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