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We've created a number of easy-to-read research resources exploring ways to improve teaching and learning both in educational environments and in the workplace. Below you'll find a library of the current research available in various formats, including our Byte-Sized pieces in short and long versions.  For our popular webinar series, check out the webinars page here.

Byte-Sized EdTech Research Library

Studies on the EDUCATE Accelerator Programme

The EDUCATE Accelerator Programme, part-funded by ERDF, in its first incarnation saw 272 EdTech startups come through its doors, and our research team devised a number of studies looking at the data generated from those close working mentor-company relationships.  Half of the studies have been completed.

Ongoing Studies

1. The importance of boundary objects in industry-academia collaborations to support evidencing the efficacy of educational technology

Alison Clark-Wilson, Kristen Weatherby

2. Developing a more comprehensive ontology for EdTech

Alison Clark-Wilson, Carmel Kent

3. EdTech Entrepreneurs’ understanding of research

4. EdTech Entrepreneurs’ understanding of theories 

Kim Issroff

01/ Completed Study

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the educational technology sector to become more research-minded.  An introduction to the collection of articles

02/ Completed Study

Preemptive intervention and its effect on student attainment and retention

03/ Completed Study

The mentoring relation as an interpersonal process in EDUCATE: a qualitative case-study of mentor-mentee perspectives

04/ Completed Study

Developing Little Bridge as an evidence-informed English language learning platform for 6-12 year olds

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