The EDUCATE webinars started life as a way to get expertise and understanding to where it's needed most, keeping those in the Golden Triangle who build the EdTech, and those who use the EdTech, informed, and joining them up with the people who research whether the technology works or not.


The AI Readiness series was developed to assist businesses and educators grasp the fundamentals of what AI can and can't do, suggestions on what and how it could be used, and to foster a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship between AI academia and those about to use it in an app. Historically, there has been a gap in the perceived credibility of research evidence on AI in education, and it has been suggested that a way to bridge this gulf is for researchers to make their insights readily available to anyone in need of them.

Follow the series here and take a look at the schedule here.  Each webinar will have its slides and narration recorded, and you can access them below.

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Watch our full-length webinar recordings, complete with guest speakers and audience Q+A on our Youtube Channel!

A short exploration of the real use of AI in Higher Education today, from apps and services created by teams in universities, to programmes used by students to help enhance the learning experience whist studying.


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