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The EDUCATE webinars started life as a way to get expertise and understanding to where it's needed most, keeping those in the Golden Triangle who build the EdTech, and those who use the EdTech, informed, and joining them up with the people who research whether the technology works or not.  Our first webinar series was on AI Readiness, and our current series is on Education Reform.  Several of the EDUCATE Team have also lent their expertise to other organisations' talks and we have created a library below for you to view.


The AI Readiness Series

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There are 7 steps each in our how-to guide for educators and businesses, and each step has its own hour-long webinar from our AI and Data Science team to help you develop robust AI within your education or EdTech organisation.

The Education Reform Series

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Our ongoing monthly series on the possibilities of education reform, chaired by Lord Jim Knight and featuring a rotating cast of experts from across the educational ecosystem.

Further Viewing

Exploring Dynamic Learning

Join EDUCATE's Chief Education Advisor, Karine George, on this short Pearson video about balancing dynamic learning with education designed to 'pass the test'.  Recorded in January 2018. 

"Everybody is worried about time, resources, technology going wrong... parents want education to be the way they remember it.  It's only 'good' if it happens in the style they recall."

AI & Education: The Need for a System Change

Join Associate Professor and Chief Research Advisor Mutlu Cukurova on the stage for one of the Applied Machine Learning Days events in February 2020. 

"Sometimes there is this notion that AI is a panacea for all the global challenges we're facing in education... we must remember these challenges are driven by fundamental social, cultural and political considerations"

Exploring the Real Use of AI in Higher Education Today

EDUCATE's CEO, Professor Rose Luckin, makes the case for tackling issues in Higher Education using AI, recorded in June 2020. 

"Understanding how to look at your institution through an AI lens, understanding how to look at the data you already have, can help demonstrate precisely where the AI solution needs to be first applied."

EdTech: from the Classroom to the Living Room

Join the Head of Data Science and AI, Dr Carmel Kent, as she contributes (in English, at 37:33) to Advantage Austria's webinar on the findings of EdTech use during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This session was recorded in November 2020. 

"What does learning look like when hit by Covid?  What are the challenges for all educational stakeholders and what were the opportunities?"

Covid-19's Effect on Learning in the UK

Head of Data Science and AI, Dr Carmel Kent, spoke to our friends at the EETN about findings from our Shock to the System: Lessons from Covid-19 report.  This session was recorded in January 2021. 

"It's not only a problem for overseas, it's happening in Europe, that there are 1 or 2 laptops and both parents need to work and there are 3 children in the house who need to learn from home."

EdTech in 2021

Rose delivers a Keynote speech from Global EdTech's Future of EdTech virtual conference.  This was recorded in February 2021. 

"Our data showed 71% of state school children received one or no online daily lessons from school.  31% of private schools reported offering 4 or more live online lessons a day."

EdTech & Covid-19

A small presentation at the Westminster Education Forum from Rose, talking about how EdTech has fared during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This session was recorded in March 2021. 

"There were a lot of ineffective connections between stakeholders in the education ecosystem groups and that compromised the integrity and resilience of the whole system."

Policy Dialogue: Youth employability in a changing world

A series of workshops, kicked off by the University of London Institute in Paris, in which Rose presents on how HEIs can prepare for the future of work.  This session was recorded in April 2021. 

"We often focus on AI as a problem-solving technique, but actually in the early days of AI it's as much about understanding them as it was about building the solution."

AI Implications for Education

Mutlu talks to the Centre of Educational Technology at Bogazici University, Turkey on a vision for the future of AI in education.  This session was recorded in April 2021. 

"Log data alone from digital platforms often falls short of interpreting and accounting for factors influencing learning."