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The EDUCATE Programme promotes excellence in the EdTech community by providing training and mentoring to support and promote the use of evidence-informed EdTech.  Our research-focused accelerator, based on the Golden Triangle, bridges the gaps between EdTech designers and developers, researchers in education and EdTech, and users, to ensure that EdTech products live up to their promises.

The EDUCATE Diagnostics

Two powerful diagnostic tools based on the Golden Triangle of EdTech Evidence and the AI Readiness Framework, designed to map your stage of innovation, and provide resources and recommendations appropriate to your level.

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The Byte-Sized EdTech Research Library

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Interested in EdTech research?


Enter our Byte-Sized EdTech Research Library, an ongoing project by the research and communications teams to bring you the latest and most relevant EdTech, education, and AI research in the field, translated into short, easy-to-read, accessible summaries.  

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