Professor Rose Luckin's EDUCATE is an ERDF part-funded accelerator programme that helps EdTech startups and educators access the research and evidence they need to unlock the greatest educational solutions

EdTech that works for everyone, everywhere. 

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The EDUCATE Accelerator Programme is back and in full swing with our fully virtual research training workshops - why not join us?

What we do

The EDUCATE Accelerator Programme

The EDUCATE Programme is an ERDF part-funded EdTech research accelerator run by globally recognised partners, F6SBESA, and EDUCATE Ventures Research Ltd.

The EDUCATE Programme promotes excellence in the EdTech community by providing training and mentoring to support and promote the use of evidence-informed EdTech.  Our research-focused accelerator, based on the Golden Triangle, bridges the gaps between EdTech designers and developers, researchers in education and EdTech, and users, to ensure that EdTech products live up to their promises.

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