Professor Rose Luckin's EDUCATE team helps EdTech startups and educators access the research and evidence they need to unlock the greatest educational solutions

EdTech that works for everyone, everywhere. 

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We're investigating the impact of Covid-19 on businesses, teachers, and learners' use of technology during the lockdown

Technology can radically transform education for all

For the first time ever, it is possible to offer everyone in the world access to education.  Through the power of technology, we have a unique opportunity to eradicate many of the existing barriers to learning.

But for those opportunities to be realised, we need to ensure that EdTech is focused on what really works in teaching and learning – something that can only happen with the use of research and evidence. At EDUCATE, we’re working to make educational research more accessible and usable, so that we can ensure EdTech is robust, valid, and fit for purpose.

EDUCATE Just the Triangle

Our work

The services and support we offer are underpinned by the EDUCATE Golden Triangle

- bringing together educators, EdTech creators and researchers.

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Helping startups become more research-minded

Delivered by a team of expert research mentors and business coaches, our unique accelerator programme supports EdTech startups to conduct and apply research in the development of their products.

Helping schools find the right solutions

With so many EdTech products on offer, choosing the right tool for your learners needs can be tough. Our step-by-step guide and other resources can help you make sure your school is using your time and money wisely. 

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Building a global community

Over the last three years, we have worked hard to build a strong community of educators, investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs who are working together to see that we create better EdTech. 


"the key benefit was that it clarified the approaches we need to take to ensure that Atom Learning was constantly improving as a product to meet the needs of learners. If you are offering on-line learning platform then it must be academically rigorous because you want to have the most positive impact possible on the pupils using it"

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