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Book our expertise for your event

EVR's educators, researchers, EdTech mentors and AI and Data Science experts speak at numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars, and contribute to panels, keynotes, and publishing opportunities, throughout the year.  Enquire below to book Professor Rose Luckin and the team for your upcoming event.

How to book

Do you want Professor Rose Luckin and the EVR team to speak at your event, webinar, podcast, or conference? 


Click the button to get in contact with us.

Please include in your message:

  • the organiser contact details

  • the date and times required

  • whether the event is virtual or physical

  • what the topic is and your target audience

  • whether you provide a speaker fee


Thought Leadership

Products and Services

Contact Rowland Wells to find out more


Professor Rose Luckin hosts the EdTech Podcast.  Get advice, up to date news, and developer hacks in the biggest Ed and Tech podcast in the world. 

Rose is the author of the Skinny on AI for Education, available here.  In issue #1, discover why ChatGPT matters so much to education, what battles and approaches exist for AI regulation, the debate over evidence and the value of AI expertise in the classroom​.

News Cameraman

See Rose speak live when she joined a COP26 panel at the NYT Educate on Climate presentations in November 2021.  Rose spoke on AI, the digital divide, and education policy and reform.


"We need to help young people understand what knowledge actually is.  Knowledge is seen as something you're given, rather than something you construct." 

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