Local impact. Global reach. 

We are proud to be partnered with a number of organisations, both in the UK and globally, that share our vision for improving access to research and evidence in EdTech. Together, we are striving to raise the quality of research available, to benefit learners all over the world.

Our experience of working directly with EdTech companies, policymakers and investors, in the UK and internationally, has allowed us to test our work against the needs of the EdTech ecosystem.  As a result, our research training programme model has evolved into a robust framework for organisations who wish to access and apply evidence to the production of EdTech. This is part of our commitment to grow the global EdTech community. 



Swedish Edtest

Image by Malcolm Lightbody

EDUCATE Ventures Research Ltd. has entered into a collaboration with Swedish Edtest, launching the first research-led EdTech accelerator in Sweden.

Swedish Edtest is the national testbed for the use of technology in education, and EVR will also be partnering with the Swedish EdTech Industry.  

The long-term goal of the collaboration is to provide better digital products for educators, students and schools, and to eventually develop a Nordic Hub for evidence-based EdTech.