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AI for education

The expert team at EDUCATE Ventures Research are Artisans of AI and can help any organisation operating in the education and training sector to leverage AI to be more impactful and effective. We provide training and professional development for educators and organisations and undertake bespoke consultancy to enable organisations to use data and AI. We also engage in thought leadership and speaking engagements around AI and education.

AI Services

AI Essentials for Teachers Promo

We offer CPD and training for schools, colleges, and universities on a variety of AI related topics.  Whatever your level of experience and knowledge of AI, we have the expertise to get you, your colleagues, and your senior leadership started on your AI journey.

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We offer support for organisations to help them assess where they are on their AI journey and help them design a personalised AI plan and roadmap to achieve their strategic goals.  Get started using AI in your business with a focus on the right technology for your use case, ensuring ethics and efficacy remain a priority.

We also provide AI Consultancy and Expert Speakers for your event

Liquid Drop

We offer a variety of online training programmes for businesses to support their ability to understand and optimise their impact and get to grips with AI.  BESA members have the opportunity to select from 3 unique programmes!


We consult on and co-design ethical AI solutions to complex educational problems in data-driven technology ventures.  Our team can help you leverage your organisational data to provide actionable intelligence on human learning.


 We speak at numerous conferences, workshops, summits and seminars throughout the world and contribute to panels, keynotes, and publishing opportunities, all year round.  Invite Professor Rose Luckin and the EVR AI and Data Science experts thought leadership input to your upcoming event.

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