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EDUCATE partners with the EdTech Podcast

EVR and Sophie Bailey's EdTech Podcast have joined forces to present a collection of series exploring education, evidence, AI and EdTech, with host Professor Rose Luckin.


Tune in twice a month to hear from special guests and expert speakers, including teachers, researchers, parents, developers, young people, and those at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning. 

Listen to the Latest Episode:

What's in this episode?

Rose plays host to Nina Huntemann, Chief Academic Officer of Chegg, and Lord Jim Knight, in the EdTech Podcast Zoom studio this week, attempting to understand how best to cut through the white noise surrounding AI’s hype, misinformation, exaggeration and marketing, and determining just how positive for education AI can be if done responsibly.

In our previous episodes on AI, Rose has been in conversation with universities from the US and the UK, examining what the role is for emerging technologies in higher education and what capacity exists to implement AI effectively.  The podcast also saw a contributions from Karine George in discussing whether or not the release and widespread use of ChatGPT has actually done education a favour.  Has its proliferation sparked debate about human cognition and limited understandings of AI, or initiated conversations in schools around digital transformation and strategy?    

In this episode, we’d like to extend these same thoughts on AI to pedagogic effectiveness in education and academia, and how emerging technologies like AI can be incorporated into plans for companies’ commercial services. 

Talking points in today’s episode includes:

  • The development of ethical AI in commercial enterprises and how they ensure their responsible technologies are developed

  • Tensions between the wealth of AI tools available and regulation of the market and educational use of such technologies

  • Assessing AI tools’ effectiveness

  • Cutting through the huge amount of hype, headlines, and sensationalism at the heart of the communications and marketing around AI

Our host:

  • Rose Luckin, Founder and CEO, EVR

Our guests:

This month's bonus episode:

What's in this episode?


Rose hosts Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education at No More Marking in the EdTech Podcast Zoom studio this week, discussing AI regulation, evidence and effectiveness, and student outcomes in AI assessment, and what we think the future of AI-powered education might look like, and why!

In late March of this year, Professor Rose Luckin and Daisy Christodoulou spoke at the UK parliament’s Governance of Artificial Intelligence oral evidence session for education, and the discussion that took place was passionate and exciting.  A link to the video of the session is below in the Show Notes if you’d like to watch it yourself, but a lot of ground was covered, yet not as much as they wished! 

The interest in AI and its governance is very intense at the moment.  The UK government had published a white paper setting out their proposed approach to the governance of AI and the indication from the paper was that rather than give responsibility for AI governance to a single new AI regulator, it intended to empower existing regulators, and that there were several that existed in the education sector already.  Other points raised during the session included the idea of teaching a degree of scepticism in the public’s understanding of AI, meaning that the public should not believe everything that something like ChatGPT, a large language model, returns, for instance, when queried.  Concerns about the speed of AI development were raised, there were questions on safeguarding, ethics, transparency, explainability, access to the technology, autonomy, adaptivity and more. 

In today’s episode, we’d like to revisit those thoughts on AI regulation, evidence and effectiveness, student outcomes in AI assessment, and what we think the future of AI-powered education might look like and why… 

Talking points and questions include: 

  • Quality of evidence for improved student outcomes using AI 

  • The value of assessment: how, when, why, and in what form 

  • More discussion around the future of education with AI’s inclusion, and what we can do now 


Material discussed in today’s episode includes:


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Image by Matt Botsford
Image by Andre Taissin

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