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EDUCATE partners with the EdTech Podcast

EVR and Sophie Bailey's EdTech Podcast have joined forces to present a collection of series exploring education, evidence, AI and EdTech, with host Professor Rose Luckin.


Tune in twice a month to hear from special guests and expert speakers, including teachers, researchers, parents, developers, young people, and those at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning. 

Listen to the Latest Episode:

What's in this episode?

For this episode we will examine topics such how we use existing technology to assist with DEI and ethics, and what we know of technology that does not include this perspective.  We ask why that might be, and we look at the art of data capture, and data irresponsibility: what are we capturing that we shouldn’t, who is being affected by our biases, and if this is a step in the development of technological interventions that organisations can afford to skip.  How do we mitigate systemic bias and scaled harm?  Can we place more pressure on leadership in schools and institutions to incorporate inclusive technologies?  What do we know of user agency, and how does that affect the design and transparency of an EdTech solution?

Our host:

  • Rose Luckin, Founder and CEO, EVR

Our guests:

This month's bonus episode:

What's in this episode?


Karine and Rose meet this week to discuss how EdTech entrepreneurs and developers can evidence the impact of their products and services, with special guests Rajeshwari Iyer and Kavitha Ravindran of sAInaptic, the AI-powered EdTech app delivering interactive, instant, and personalised learning experiences for the UK's GCSE sciences.

Also in the news are reports of 'learning poverty' as both UK and international publications warn of 'cracks in the foundations' of education: a quarter of a million children are entering secondary education without basic skills in maths and English.  Why is this happening, and with regard to maths, what technology exists to help solve the problem?  And how do we know whether or not this technology does what it claims?  

Material discussed in this episode includes:​​

  • The Centre for Social Justice's report: Cracks in Our Foundations

  • Nuffield Foundation's research report: Can Maths Apps Add Value to Young Children's Learning?


If you’d like to support a single episode or a set of them, and have your product, and your CEO out in front of users across the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and more, reach us via the button below!

Image by Matt Botsford
Image by Andre Taissin

Come on the show!

Want to be involved in the conversation around EdTech development and use?  If you're a developer or entrepreneur with a research journey or story of evidence that you'd like to share with us, fill out the form below!

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