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EDUCATE partners with the EdTech Podcast

EVR and Sophie Bailey's EdTech Podcast have joined forces to present a collection of series exploring education, evidence, AI and EdTech, with host Professor Rose Luckin.


Tune in twice a month to hear from special guests and expert speakers, including teachers, researchers, parents, developers, young people, and those at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning. 

Listen to the Latest Episode:

What's in this episode?

Welcome to this first episode in a series produced by Professor Rose Luckin’s EDUCATE Ventures Research, exploring ‘Evidence-Based EdTech’, and hosted on The Edtech Podcast. 

For this episode we examine the state of technology in work, training, and mentorship, and ask what role evidence plays when we are dealing with environments where (usually) productivity is the thing that’s measured. 

Our guests:

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This month's bonus episode:

What's in this episode?


Rose and Karine play host to Lord Jim Knight in the EdTech Podcast Zoom studio this week, and try to understand the arguments surrounding the establishment of Oak National Academy as an ‘Arm’s Length Body’.

On 12th January 2023, a question was asked in the UK’s House of Lords about Oak, an organisation that during the Covid lockdowns provided online classroom and teaching resources to students and teachers across the country.  Oak has stayed relevant and in the news, and at the start of this year, Lord Vaizey asked what assessment the government had made of the impact of its funding for Oak National Academy on the publishing and education technology sectors.  The day after, Lord Knight joined Rose and Karine in conversation to discuss the thinking behind the investment in Oak, what direction the government could be going in with the organisation, and the problems with supporting it in the way that they have.


If you’d like to support a single episode or a set of them, and have your product, and your CEO out in front of users across the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and more, reach us via the button below!

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