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Want to work for the EDUCATE Acclerator Programme?  We're looking for the right person to join a delightful and positive team of research and tech specialists.

We're hiring!


Programme Coordinator

We're looking for a highly organised person, with strong abilities to use and adopt digital tools, to join our team to work on The EDUCATE Accelerator Programme.  The person must be able to engage with our virtual team, project partners, and the companies that we serve on the accelerator.  They must also buy into our company motto: Everyone Learning All of the Time.


The successful candidate will be able to provide evidence that demonstrates their ability to effectively carry out the key responsibilities of this appointment.

APPLICATION: Download the job description and application instructions by clicking on the button below

DEADLINE: You must submit your application by Wednesday 8th September, 11:59pm BST

The EDUCATE Accelerator Programme is an ERDF part-funded EdTech research accelerator run by globally recognised partners, F6SBESA, and EDUCATE Ventures Research Ltd.

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