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Looking for something in AI for education?  EDUCATE Ventures Research's expert AI and data scientists, researchers, EdTech mentors and academics have produced a set of quality resources for educators, business founders and developers, and the AI-curious.  Browse our store to find eBooks on machine learning, AI guides for teachers and heads, and our AI Readiness Online Course with its new module on using Generative AI for the classroom. 


ML & HI Book.png

Machine Learning & Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century (2018) - an open-source ebook from Professor Rose Luckin with a framework for the understanding of human intelligence

Type of Resource: eBook

AI for School Teachers .png

AI for School Teachers (AI for Everything Series) (2022) - why everyone needs basic AI and data literacy to consciously engage safely with AI technology, from Professors Luckin, Cukurova, and Headteacher Karine George

Type of Resource: Guide, Audiobook

AIR Online Course.png

The AI Readiness Online Course - 50 training modules to help build your knowledge and skills so that you can work ethically and effectively with AI and data in education and training

Type of Resource: Online Course

Generative AI Primer.png

Welcome to Generative AI: a Primer - 5 training modules to get you up to speed on what generative AI tools like ChatGPT can do, and their implications for education 

Type of Resource: Online Course

The Skinny Logo low-res.png

The Skinny on AI for Education - Discover the latest insights, trends, and developments at the intersection of AI and education from Professor Rose Luckin and the EVR Team

Type of Resource: Newsletter


The Byte-Sized EdTech Research Library - EVR's huge repository of easy-to-read research summaries, translated from academic papers into 2-pagers for everyday understanding

Type of Resource: Guide

Buying the right EdTech for your school guide image.png

Buying the Right EdTech For Your School (2020) - To really take advantage of educational technology, we need to think about learning holistically – what do we want and need to achieve?

Type of Resource: Guide

The EVR Webinar Library.png

The Webinar Library - a truly massive collection of webinars, recorded lectures, and conference talks from the EVR experts on AI in Higher Education, EdTech in the classroom, education reform, and AI for Educators, and AI for Businesses

Type of Resource: Webinar

More resources coming soon!

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