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AI Essentials CPD for Teachers
Online Course: £100

Included with the course:

This 1 hour course is perfect for an in-house INSET or twilight CPD session for your staff.  This session can be completed as a whole-school activity or for departmental teams.  


It has been designed to provide an overview of the developments in artificial intelligence so far with a focus on education, the potential benefits of using artificial intelligence in education, the potential threats we may face as educators from artificial intelligence and a guide to harnessing artificial intelligence in your unique context.


Each of these topics is covered in its own section and these sections contain a video, optional activities and optional further reading to help develop your understanding.


As you progress through the course, please feel free to pause the videos to make any notes or have discussions amongst your peers.  


  • 4 sections included, each with a video, additional activities, and further reading

  • The run time of the recorded video content is an hour

Professor Rose Luckin Image

Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design, UCL, and Founder/CEO of EDUCATE Ventures Research

Sample some of the course:

Introduction to AI Essentials CPD for Teachers

What is AI?  Where has it come from?  What are some of the applications for AI in school?  Find out where AI sits at the moment in education and what your next steps could be, moving forward with this powerful technology.

Meet your instructors

Dina Foster, Head of Educator AI Training

Dina is an experienced former secondary school Deputy Head teacher and is currently a doctoral candidate at UCL with a research focus on how schools develop AI strategy to harness the benefits of AI, and augment teaching and learning.  She gained her MA in Education and Technology and also holds a Master’s in Teaching, both from the Institute of Education.  Dina is particularly interested in supporting school leaders with the development and implementation of successful EdTech strategies to address school priorities.  

Dina Foster, Head of Educator AI Training

Dave Turnbull, Deputy Head of Educator AI Training

Dave’s seven years’ experience in primary classrooms, including 5 years as his school’s Computing Curriculum Lead, has given him a front-row view to the challenges schools face in developing coherent digital strategies.  As Deputy Head of Educator AI Training at EDUCATE Ventures, he’s helping to build next generation CPD for leaders and teachers in this space.  Dave has a BA in Media Arts from Royal Holloway University of London and worked in film and television prior to completing a PGCE at Goldsmiths, specialising in Early Years.  He planned, developed, and implemented his school's digital strategy, enabling him to guide the staff through remote teaching during the pandemic.  He recently left teaching to become the primary caretaker for his son, and is excited to apply his experience to system-level digital capacity building in education. 

David Turnbull, Teacher-in-Residence

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