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Community interest.

EDUCATE Ventures Research's charitable arm, Golden Triangle Learning, is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company developing and delivering education and training services to disadvantaged communities.  Expert advice will be provided to research and master the resources available to teachers and learners, and apply that technological provision efficiently and compassionately to benefit those in need.

Golden Triangle Learning CIC

Education has the power to transform lives, and Educational Technology has the power to transform education, but not everyone has equal access to these, and if they do, they may be using obsolete and inefficient tools, that won't just slow their progress but may possibly harm it.

Golden Triangle Learning was formed to tackle educational challenges around disadvantaged learners, whether those challenges are technological, geographical, financial or social.  

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Research into emerging technologies for use in education and training, such as AI, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Develop and provide education and training focussed on emerging technologies for use in education, such as AI, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.



An increased 

understanding around how emerging technology can best support the needs of learners in disadvantaged communities, and support the research-informed application of technology for learning and teaching in disadvantaged communities. 


Beneficiaries in disadvantaged communities will be better able to use emerging technology in learning and teaching. Learners will be better placed to continue their education and seek employment, understanding how to leverage emerging technology in their daily lives.


If the Community Interest Company has any surplus it is used for developing further business activities to support disadvantaged communities.


Company Number: 12637946 entry:

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