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on AI for Education

Welcome to The Skinny on AI for Education newsletter.


Discover the latest insights at the intersection of AI and education from Professor Rose Luckin and the EVR Team. From personalized learning to smart classrooms, we decode AI's impact on education. We analyse the news, track developments in AI technology, watch what is happening with regulation and policy and discuss what all of it means for Education. Stay informed, navigate responsibly, and shape the future of learning with The Skinny.

Latest Issue:

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Issue #7: Growing AI capabilities spur major investments but raise ethical concerns over rapid, unchecked development. Education sector eyes AI's potential while grappling with skills gaps and integration challenges. Job market demands AI skills as businesses weigh workforce impacts. The responsible path requires oversight and evidence-based optimisation.

Past Issues:

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Issue #6: In this month’s Skinny Professor Rose Luckin looks at the way that big tech is going about its development of its AI prowess and why their behaviour matters to those of us working in education. And of course, as always, Rose explores the difference between artificial and human intelligence.

February 2024 Special Edition: Over the past 6 months EVR has collected data from over 1300 respondents from across the world as we advise educational communities about how best to leverage AI safely and effectively. What is clear is that the uncertainty around how to safeguard against AI threats is common across all stakeholders. Unless we address the risks associated with AI in education, we not only miss out on its immense potential benefits but also risk causing serious harm.

Issue #5: You go-to destination for all things AI and education, this week Professor Rose Luckin and the EDUCATE Ventures Research team explore AI's rapid expansion across the technology sector, who should govern increasingly impactful technologies permeating life and work, AI regulation, and the need for AI and data literacy for us all

Issue #4: Will the current era of AI hype be AI's transformative moment?  Where can you get clarity on next steps?  Recognise that you are not alone, and can leverage your own remarkable human intelligence to distinguish between the immediate, tactical actions needed to address current AI challenges, and the strategic responses required to position yourself for a future where every moment isn't an AI-driven crisis

Issue #3: Get to grips with AI in education and training, find out what kind of innovations different EdTech companies are implementing with AI, read about Microsoft and OpenAI's latest developments and get the skinny on regulation, ethics and safety

Issue #2: Discover why we must now futureproof our education systems for an AI world, what more AI is coming our way, including new developments in ChatGPT, and what the consensus is behind the real risks of AI for humanity

Issue #1: Discover why ChatGPT matters so much to education, what battles and approaches exist for AI regulation, the debate over evidence and the value of AI expertise in the classroom

About The Skinny

Welcome to "The Skinny on AI for Education" newsletter, your go-to source for the latest insights, trends, and developments at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and education. In today's rapidly evolving world, AI has emerged as a powerful tool with immense potential to revolutionize the field of education. From personalized learning experiences to advanced analytics, AI is reshaping the way we teach, learn, and engage with educational content.


In this newsletter, we aim to bring you a concise and informative overview of the applications, benefits, and challenges of AI in education. Whether you're an educator, administrator, student, or simply curious about the future of education, this newsletter will serve as your trusted companion, decoding the complexities of AI and its impact on learning environments.


Our team of experts will delve into a wide range of topics, including adaptive learning algorithms, virtual tutors, smart classrooms, AI-driven assessment tools, and more. We will explore how AI can empower educators to deliver personalized instruction, identify learning gaps, and provide targeted interventions to support every student's unique needs. Furthermore, we'll discuss the ethical considerations and potential pitfalls associated with integrating AI into educational systems, ensuring that we approach this transformative technology responsibly. We will strive to provide you with actionable insights that can be applied in real-world scenarios, empowering you to navigate the AI landscape with confidence and make informed decisions for the betterment of education.


As AI continues to evolve and reshape our world, it is crucial to stay informed and engaged. By subscribing to "The Skinny on AI for Education," you will become part of a vibrant community of educators, researchers, and enthusiasts dedicated to exploring the potential of AI and driving positive change in education.

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