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Rose Luckin

Rose is Director of EDUCATE, and Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab. She was named as one of the 20 most influential people in Education on the Seldon List 2017. Rose’s research involves the design and evaluation of educational technology using theories from the learning sciences and techniques from Artificial Intelligence. Her 2018 book: Machine Learning and Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century describes how we can best benefit from using AI to support teaching and learning, and how the prevalence of AI in our future means that we need to revise what and how we teach and learn now.  Rose is also Co-founder of the Institute for Ethical AI in Education and President of the International Society for AI in Education.


Rose Luckin

Cited as the ‘Dr. Who of AI’, Rose is Director of EDUCATE, and Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab. She was named as one of 20 most influential people in Education on the Seldon List 2017, and her research involves the design and evaluation of EdTech using theories from the learning sciences and techniques from Artificial Intelligence.


A prolific editor and author, Rose’s 2018 book: ‘Machine Learning and Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century’ describes how we can benefit from Artificial Intelligence to support teaching and learning, and how futureproofing both involves revising what and how we teach and learn right now.


Co-Founder of the Institute for Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Education and President of the International Society for AI in Education, Rose is also a pickler and confectioner of garden produce, and will often be found running, baking, recommending the Ang Lee canon, and changing education for the better.

Mutlu Cukurova

Mutlu is an academic faculty member at University College London and has a particular interest in researching the potential of emerging Educational Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Learning Analytics to continuously evaluate and support human development. In addition to this, Mutlu works with UNESCO’s international expert group on ICT in Education. He is Director of Research at EDUCATE and sits in the working group of UCL’s Grand Challenges on Transformative Technologies.

Mutlu's work is interdisciplinary and encompasses research in learning sciences, psychology, computer science, and Human-Computer Interaction. For more, visit his profile here.


Carmel Kent

A computational social scientist with a research focus on Artificial Intelligence for education and learning analytics, Carmel is the Head of Data Science for EDUCATE and a Senior Research Fellow at UCL’s Institute of Education.  Owner of multiple patents and author of numerous publications in medtech, data integration, and semantic warehousing, Carmel did her PhD at the University of Haifa, and has 3 children, enjoying in her spare time experimental cooking and high-intensity gardening. 


She would like EDUCATE to be known for its strong convictions and ethics, and it’s innovation in education, and claims, somewhat dubiously, to have discharged heavy weaponry ‘as any parent of several small children must’.  


Benedict du Boulay

Benedict du Boulay is an Emeritus Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the School of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Sussex, UK, and Visiting Professor at University College London.

He has two main research areas. The first is the Psychology of Programming where his main work has been in the area of novices learning programming and the development of tools to assist that process. The second is the application of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Here he is particularly interested in issues around modelling and developing students’ metacognition and motivation.

He was President (2015-2017) and Treasurer and Secretary (2017-2019) of the International Society for Artificial Intelligence in Education and is an Associate Editor of its International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.  He has edited/written 11 books and written some 190 papers (including 56 journal papers) in the areas indicated above.


Ali Chaudhry

An AI enthusiast who is always on the lookout to learn about the latest AI algorithms and the ‘magic’ behind them, Ali is a postgraduate researcher at UCL Knowledge Lab with a research focus on exploring transparency through frequentist and bayesian statistical techniques. He also explores and compares the learning trajectories of reinforcement learning agents in simulated environments with human learning in the real world.


A firm believer of education’s role in changing the world for the better, Ali runs a number of charity schools in Pakistan and sees EDUCATE as a great force to bring together the best minds in education and technology to support and produce impactful EdTech. 


Ibrahim Bashir

Ibrahim Bashir is a Software Developer currently working as a Data Engineer. Ibrahim is a Fulbright fellow and has a Masters in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. His work in the last 9 years has focused on the intersection of Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT. Once a passionate hobby roboticist, he hasn’t gone near one in years after 9 of the 12 machines he built from scratch for a swarm robotics project wouldn’t play nice and fried their circuit boards. 

Intensely Interested in political organising, Ibrahim spends a lot of time coordinating 

marginalised communities in his hometown. He plays Dungeons and Dragons outside of work, and frequently ends up role-playing dwarves with wacky accents. Currently, he is running an Indian-themed campaign with thinly veiled socialist overtones. His superpower is the ability to sleep on command, anytime, anywhere.

Karine George

An award-winning, future reimagining, educationalist, Karine spent more than 20 years as headteacher in an 'Outstanding' Oftsed-rated school,  She is an active research practitioner and ties research, business and education together to transform leadership and pedagogy.  An advocate for technology's support of 21st century teaching and learning, she has reported on its use to the DfE, penned numerous articles on educational issues and was a contributing author for 'Sustainable School Transformation: an inside-out school-led approach'.

Wishing to showcase the human, humorous and fallible side of leadership, Karine is currently writing her memoirs highlighting the mistakes commonly made by those in charge, and has just co-founded Leadership Lemonade, a triage programme designed to assist in the reopening of schools, post-lockdown.

She is an accomplished cook and gardener with a strange fixation on tomato-growing, and although La Tomatina has been cancelled this year, will no doubt involve herself in its 2021 supply chain.


It has also come to EDUCATE's attention that Karine can drive a tank, a development no doubt a response to the M27's reputation as Hampshire's tailgating blackspot.  We are beginning to see a somewhat frightening trend in the team's love for explosive ordnance.  

Anissa Moeini

The resident EDUCATE Renaissance Woman, Anissa Moeini is a doctoral candidate at the UCL Knowledge Lab and a seasoned tech entrepreneur, whose work identified the need to build research capacity in EdTech enterprises, sensitive to both the business rhythm of startups, and their pace of change. 


The result of her doctoral research is the Evidence-informed Learning Technology Enterprise Framework (ELTE), a practical tool for EdTech companies and other non-academic stakeholders, to evaluate efficacy and build capacity for applied research.


Tennis enthusiast and business strategist, her many talents also include marathon-running, dissertation defending (to be rigorously tested in 2020) and crashing her parents’ car before she learned to speak.  


Never without a scarf in her bag, Anissa has yet to break from her Canadian cold-weather traditions, and suspects her love of education came from her grandmother.  What is certain, however, is that her love of the Spice Girls did not. 


Canan Blake


Canan Blake is a veteran academic with experience in evaluating technology-enhanced learning in different environments, including computer-supported collaborative learning, mobile learning, and interactions in massive open online courses (MOOCs).  Her research has led to the development of frameworks for the interactions of learners in several technology-enhanced learning environments and evaluation methodologies.  She convened the Computers and Learning Research Group at the Open University (CALRG), organising its annual conferences, and worked with EdTech innovators to contribute to the design development of research-informed products and services.  Her most recent role involves supervising Masters students in EdTech. 

Canan can often be found weekending on the South Downs, roving on organised walks in pursuit of rare Pokémon, and frequenting the Seven Sisters' East Dean Sheep Centre, for a chance to handfeed the 'outrageously cute' Shetland Pony.

Shantini Anthony


Shan started her career as an educator with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, teaching English Language and Social Studies to secondary school students.  She is passionate about youth and education and previously took a role in government policy and planning, before her recent move to EdTech. 


Her first love is the classroom, and in her lessons she often experimented with the  integration of EdTech.  A strong believer in harnessing technology for quality education, she is an advocate for backing up the technological interventions with evidence. 


Away from work, she is an avid cook, and enjoys travelling around London and Europe, her newfound second home!

Dorothy Lepkowska

Owner of a successfully implemented Soviet-style 5-year plan she drafted in 1987, Dorothy Lepkowska has now been working as an education correspondent for over 30 years, having amassed an in-depth knowledge of the UK schools system, and written about parenting and children’s health for several specialist publications.


She previously worked for the Daily Mirror and London Evening Standard and is co-author of ‘Meet the Parents: How Schools Can Work Effectively with Families to Support Children's Learning’, published by Routledge in 2019. In 1992 she co-founded Poles Apart, the first Polish language radio show in the UK and speaks very basic Russian, intending one day to set up ‘EDUCATE Polska’, as well as build her own Scandanavian flat-packed house.


Former comms lead and manager for CIEA and Asdan, Dot spends her time gardening, cooking, and pitting squirrels and magpies against one another for control of a monkeynut hoard. She knows all the words to songs by Japan, the Cure and Alabama 3, and was once the only woman bivouacked with 50,000 of the TA on NATO manoeuvres in Germany. 


Rowland Wells

A good story might write itself, but not without organisation. Running events, relationship managing your community, penning Tweets, SOPs, agendas, and coordinating projects is what Rowland does best, and he’s been doing it since 2003.  An occasional welfare officer, waterer and potter of office flora, AV technician, note-taker and EdTech crackerjack, Rowland also specialises in recruitment, quality management, pitch decks, graphic design, marcomms, and storytelling. 


Outside EDUCATE he writes and draws a space opera webcomic, sings and produces music, listens to early 90s techno, eats cheese, and loves bumblebees.  If he doesn't answer the phone he is likely sunbathing.   

Arthur Fisher

The EDUCATE Executive Assistant, Arthur has over 4 years’ experience in project coordination, startup management and diary prioritisation.  Proficient in a comprehensive suite of information governance systems and graphic design and video-editing software, he has a keen eye for specifics, and with an academic grounding in politics and history, demonstrates first-class client and stakeholder relationship management with his excellent communication skills. 


Arthur also plays the saxophone in a funk band, spending time outside EDUCATE collecting 80s horror b-movies, books on the protestant reformation, Megadrive soundtracks, and bad opinions on superhero films.  He has a skateboard ramp in his back garden and a poster declaring the cancellation of ‘Marxist Disco’ in his bedroom, which he swears no one but his mother understands. The EDUCATE team remains sceptical of this.    


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