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Your data-driven strategy

EVR's AI and Data Science team was formed to consult on, and co-design, ethical AI solutions to complex problems in data-driven technology ventures.  Our team of computer scientists, educationalists, and world-renowned experts can help you leverage your organisational data to provide actionable intelligence on human learning.

The Artisans of AI Services

Forged from the principles laid out in the 7-step AI Readiness Framework, and available as our AI Readiness Online Course, EVR's AI and Data Science team provides bespoke consultancy and product co-development to tackle challenges with ethical AI solutions. 


We've worked with technology companies, education institutions and EdTech startups, and we've helped them understand their data, modelled solutions with machine learning techniques, and most importantly, helped them better understand their challenges at the most fundamental level.

Artisans of AI

Helping organisations leverage their data to provide actionable intelligence about human learning

  • The Golden Thread Service: helping organisations leverage their data to provide actionable intelligence about human learning.  Currently delivered in partnership with the DXtera Institute, who provide the data management services 

  • Digital & AI transformation coming soon! 

  • Bespoke consultancy

Contact Morgan Dee at the button below to find out more:

The 7 Steps

to AI Readiness


There are 7 key steps to getting your organisation ready to leverage the transformational power of AI.


These can be found in the EThICAL AI Readiness Framework:

  1. Educate, Enthuse, Excite - about building within your community an AI mindset

  2. Tailor and Hone - the particular challenges you want to focus on

  3. Identify - identify (wisely), collate and

  4. Collect - new data relevant to your focus

  5. Apply - AI techniques to the relevant data you have brought together

  6. Learn - understand what the data is telling you about your focus and return to step 1 until you are AI ready

  7. Iterate

And all these steps should be done ethically

We've already run a set of webinars on the AI Readiness framework, for both educators and businesses.  Click the buttons below to see each set of webinars.

7 Step EThICAL Framework
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