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Make the most of your EdTech

It's in class, and it's in our homes.  We've made widespread use of Educational Technology in our daily lives, especially throughout the pandemic.  But whether we're using it to teach others, or learning from it ourselves, the question remains: how do we know it works? 


EDUCATE Ventures Research's newly designed Evidence-Based EdTech Diagnostics are founded on a proven academic methodology for supporting EdTech startups in the use and creation of industry-defining applied research. Through completion of a set of laser-focussed questions, the diagnostics provide detailed resources, signposting, and alignment with an innovation stage, so that no matter what work you do with EdTech, you can be confident real impact is right around the corner.

The Evidence-Based EdTech Diagnostics - £50.00 each

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Unlock the power of research and evidence in EdTech

What are the Evidence-Based EdTech Diagnostics about?

The diagnostics are a short, simple set of questions based on the EDUCATE Golden Triangle,proven academic methodology for working with evidence-informed EdTech. The diagnostic for companies is designed to get a startup ready for the EdWards, EDUCATE Ventures Research's EdTech evidence award.  The diagnostic for teachers and users provides resources covering use cases, explorations of data capture, and examinations of human and machine intelligence.


The diagnostics chart your current knowledge in research and evidence, and provide a wealth of reading material appropriate to your stage of innovation and use.

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Who are our Evidence-Based EdTech Diagnostics for?

The diagnostics are for anyone building or working with EdTech, whether they're the founder or developer of an EdTech venture, or a parent, student, teacher, or ICT lead in school. If you're interested in scaling a product or just exploring the market to find out what works, the diagnostics have specialist recommendations and next steps.

What is Evidence-Based EdTech?

The most successful EdTech businesses combine technological innovation with an understanding of the needs of learners. At EVR, we believe that access to, and the application of research is fundamental to ensuring we take full advantage of the opportunities EdTech has to improve learning.  Evidence-based EdTech is that which proves its positive outcomes for teachers and learners.  We want every EdTech company awarded with our EdWard - an acknowledgement of a company's understanding and use of applied research in the development of their product.

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Can I take the diagnostics even if I'm just starting my EdTech journey?

The diagnostics are a fast and clean evaluation of your existing use and understanding of EdTech and educational research, and provide you with recommendations and further reading appropriate to your level. Some of the recommendations get technical, but you don't need to be working with EdTech right now in order to understand how research, knowledge, and impact can revolutionise your practice later.

Are you ready?

The Small Print: the EDUCATE Ventures Research diagnostics sit on one of our other websites.  When you click on any of the big red buttons you'll be redirected there.

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