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The State of Evidence in EdTech

Our report, produced in collaboration with BESA, is designed to give an overview of the current EdTech landscape and how evidence is increasingly expected and used to successfully demonstrate efficacy, inform decision making, build trust, evaluate impact, develop better products, and build profitable businesses.

State of Evidence in EdTech Report

The future of the EdTech industry looks bright, with significant growth potential and opportunities for innovation.  There are, however, challenges to be addressed, such as the digital divide, access to technology, and ensuring the quality of educational products.

This report, produced by EVR (EDUCATE Ventures Research) in collaboration with BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association), is designed to give an overview of the current EdTech landscape, and how evidence is increasingly expected to, and used to, successfully demonstrate efficacy, inform decision making, build trust, evaluate impact, and develop better products, and build profitable businesses.

The report includes examples of case studies from companies who are building their evidence base and leveraging it to demonstrate impact.  It also looks to the future and what might be next for the EdTech industry, and how measurable impact evidence will be the new currency of conversation as more regions introduce regulatory frameworks and guidelines, and how smart data science can help every company, no matter their size, get the best from their data.

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Educators estimate that 84% of EdTech tools are poorly implemented, and one survey found that only 8% of educators trust the claims made directly by EdTech companies

Evidence can be used to build
trust between EdTech creators and users, evaluate educational impact, inform decision making across an organisation and build profitable businesses

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