The most successful EdTech businesses combine technological innovation with an understanding of the needs of learners. In EDUCATE's accelerator programme, we use our expertise in educational research to help EdTech companies create groundbreaking products that make a tangible difference to the way people live and learn every day. 

Helping EdTech startups make an impact

The pioneering, unique EDUCATE approach promotes excellence in EdTech by connecting the EdTech community to the world’s best educational research and practice. Our research-focused accelerator bridges the gap between EdTech designers and developers, and users, to ensure that EdTech products live up to their promises.

Since 2017, we have worked with some of the brightest and best innovators in the UK and globally. Our companies are at the cutting edge of technological advances in EdTech, and understand how to harness the power of those sometimes emerging technologies to serve the needs of their users.


Entrepreneurs and innovators can be confident that access to reputable evidence will assist them in developing world-class products and services that are effective and commercially viable. 

Furthermore, our focus on “what works” and the importance of an evidence-base helps developers to conduct their own research into their designs and products, to communicate effectiveness and to help them shape its future development.

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