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The most successful EdTech businesses combine technological innovation with an understanding of the needs of learners.  At EDUCATE Ventures Research (EVR), we use our expertise in educational research and AI to build capacity in EdTech companies so that they can develop evidence-informed products that have a measurable impact on learners.

Helping EdTech 

demonstrate its impact

EDUCATE Impact Training Programmes & Awards

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A 3-week live online course for education and training businesses to support the ability to understand and optimise their impact, and start to get to grips with AI for their business

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A suite of 3 services, including annual review, auditing, and improvement planning, exclusively for BESA members, to help any company, no matter their size, effectively evidence their impact for customers, regulators, and teams

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The EdWard is formal recognition that a company has been an active participant in our impact training, and their knowledge and/or use of applied research has positively impacted the development of their product

Impact Training Programme

Impact Insights Programme

The EDUCATE Impact Insights Programme was developed for small- and medium-sized education businesses to support the ability to understand and optimise your impact and start to get to grips with what AI means for your business. The programme will allow you to work alongside other EdTech founders to develop a bespoke Theory of Change and Logic Model.  This will ensure your product has a great market fit and that you can demonstrate its impact.  


Join our 3-week programme and discover the power of a research mindset.

Details to know:

  • Live sessions conducted on Zoom

  • Cohort-based

  • Shareable certification is provided

Who is this programme for?

Small- to medium-sized enterprises working in the field of education (early years, K12, HE/FE etc.)

About the EDUCATE Impact Insights Programme

Programme structure:

  • 1 x 1-to-1 Needs Assessment Session (30mins)

  • 4 x Online Training Workshops (2.5hrs each) across 3 weeks 

  • 2 x Expert Mentor Sessions (30mins each)

Programme content:

  • A detailed view is available here

Providing you with the ability to:

  • Develop a Logic Model for your business, a dashboard for strategic decision-making

  • Understand how to set yourself up to leverage AI

  • Demonstrate the success of your product with a clear roadmap

  • Embrace ethical EdTech strategies and effective communication

  • Earn credibility and recognition through our impact certification

  • Connect with experts and fellow founders through EDUCATE alumni community

Fees & schedule: 

  • £800 (excl. VAT)

Terms & conditions

  • If you wish to cancel a booking or transfer a booking please refer to our cancellation policy here

I+I Prog EOI and Apply Now

Course Facilitators:

Dr Ekaterina Cooper, Director of Research & Training


Ekaterina is Director of Research & Training at EDUCATE Ventures Research.  She has worked with EdTech companies since 2018 helping them cultivate a research mindset and integrating evidence-based processes into product and business development.  She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and MSc in Public Health.  Her area of expertise is research methods and psychometrics, developed over the last 15 years through her involvement in a wide range of research, including randomise-control trials and international research.

Dr Ali Chaudhry, Research Mentor


Ali is a doctoral researcher at UCL with a research focus on Transparency of AI development pipelines for ed-tech products. His love for education as a profession started 11 years ago when he opened his first charity school for Afghan refugees in the suburbs of Islamabad in Pakistan. His charity currently runs three private schools for disadvantaged communities in Pakistan and has empowered more than two thousand students with basic literacy and arithmetic skills . He is also a founder of an ed-tech startup that supercharges operational management of schools with data driven decisions and an agri-tech startup that is disrupting livestock farming and trading.

Dr Noa Sher, Research Mentor


Noa’s career has progressed along the lines of both applied and academic research.  She has over ten years' experience of working with the public and third sectors in the social domain, mainly in the fields of social services and education, and has vast experience in multi-methods evaluative research.  Her current work includes guiding management in organisations within the social domain in programme-planning using logic models and in building measurement and evaluation strategies as well as designing outcomes-oriented case management systems.  Noa holds an MA in Social and Organisational Psychology and is working towards her PhD on network analysis of collaborative knowledge construction.

Dina Foster, Research Associate


Dina is an experienced, former secondary school Deputy Head teacher and is currently a doctoral candidate at UCL with a research focus on how AI could shape assessment practices and impact upon teaching and learning.  She gained her MA in Education and Technology and also holds a Master’s in Teaching, both from the Institute of Education.  Dina is particularly interested in supporting school leaders with the development and implementation of successful EdTech strategy to address school priorities.

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Research & Training Methodology

EVR's research and training programmes promote excellence in the EdTech community by providing training and mentoring to support and promote the use of evidence-informed EdTech.  Our accelerator, based on the Golden Triangle, bridges the gaps between EdTech designers and developers, researchers in education and EdTech, and users, to ensure that EdTech products live up to their promises.

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Leverage existing data and discover the best ways to capture more

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Implement cutting-edge impact methodologies into the design and development of EdTech

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Develop research proposals with expert mentors, practitioners, and industry icons

Since 2017, EDUCATE Ventures Research has worked with 375 EdTechs and some of the brightest and best innovators throughout the world.  Our companies are at the cutting edge of technological advances in EdTech, and understand how to harness the power of emerging technologies, like AI, to serve the needs of their users.  Entrepreneurs and innovators can be confident that access to reputable evidence will assist them in developing world-class products and services that are effective and commercially viable.  Furthermore, our focus on “what works” and the importance of an evidence-base, helps developers conduct their own research into their designs and products, helping to communicate effectiveness and shape future development.

All our work is underpinned by the EDUCATE Golden Triangle - bringing together educators, EdTech creators and researchers.  Click on each corner of the triangle to see how they connect!

It is only when these three communities are working in concert with one another that we can ensure EdTech is making a lasting impact, and addresses real-world requirements. 

EDUCATE Ventures Research Golden Triangle

Where are you on the
Golden Triangle?
Click on my corners to see
how we help.  

We link these
three communities by:

Providing EdTechs with training and guidance in research methodologies and business best practice



educational technology research

and connecting

enterprise to academia

Auditing schools with a needs-assessment and examination of the effectiveness of existing technology

Testimonials and
Research Outcomes

Demonstrating the value of the EVR research and training programmes to large and small EdTech companies, you can find quotes below from businesses who attest to the value of our training. 


We also have research reports that have been conducted on the process and impact of our unique training programme.  8 research studies and 1 thesis, for which a doctorate was awarded in 2020, were conducted on the EDUCATE Programme in it's initial 2017-2019 incarnation, and 4 of those studies, as well as the thesis, have now been published.

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Studies on the EDUCATE Impact Training Programme

The EDUCATE Programme, part-funded by ERDF, in its first incarnation saw 272 EdTech startups come through its doors, and our research team devised a number of studies looking at the data generated from those close working mentor-company relationships.


'Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the educational technology sector to become more research-minded.  An introduction to the collection of articles'


'Preemptive intervention and its effect on student attainment and retention'


'The mentoring relation as an interpersonal process in EDUCATE: a qualitative case-study of mentor-mentee perspectives'


'Developing Little Bridge as an evidence-informed English language learning platform for 6-12 year olds'


'The importance of boundary objects in industry-academia collaborations to support evidencing the efficacy of educational technology'

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