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At EDUCATE, our  mission is to advance the efficacy of educational technology by making the best research evidence and practice accessible for educators, researchers and technology developers. We believe that access to, and application of research is fundamental in ensuring that we can take full advantage of the opportunites that EdTech has to improve learning. 

All our work is underpinned by the EDUCATE Golden Triangle - bringing together educators, EdTech creators and researchers.  Click on each corner of the triangle to see how they connect!

It is only when these three communities are working in concert with one another that we can ensure EdTech is making a lasting impact, and addresses real-world requirements. 

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Golden Triangle?

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EDUCATE links these

three communities by:

Providing startups with training and guidance in research methodologies and business best practice


educational technology research

and connecting

enterprise to academia

Auditing schools with a needs-assessment and examination of the effectiveness of existing technology

Founded by Rose Luckin, a Professor in Learner Centred Design and internationally regarded expert in Artificial Intelligence, EDUCATE was created to redress the lack of research evidence in the EdTech sector. 


What started initially as a three-year ERDF-funded project in London, based in the UCL Institute of Education, has evolved into a world-leading research accelerator in EdTech.

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