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The Case for
AI in Education

AI for Education


Here you can find recordings of webinars making the case for the use of AI, and the understanding of data, in education, be it for online learning, home learning, in the classroom, in universities, or further education.  The team at EDUCATE regularly contributes to conferences, and panels, so check back regularly for new additions to the library.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning

What makes a good teacher and a successful lesson?  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom is the key that is unlocking the answer.  Professor Rose Luckin contributes to the UCL Lunch Hour Lecture series.  Recorded May 2017. 

"We need to look at how we design effective solutions to the key problems that we're facing. And that will need to be a blend of human and artificial intelligence.  It's all about intelligence: which part of the intelligence puzzle is best achieved through artificial means, and which through human means."

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AI & Education: The Reality and the Potential

Rose speaks at Gresham College and considers the current reality of AI in education and its transformative potential.  What do we mean by the term 'AI'?  Recorded early April 2019

"We can build AI systems that can provide individualised instruction to students, and it's effective, so let's use it. But it does not replace teachers. It just performs one part of what we want our teachers to do. And then we use our wonderful human intelligence to refine this understanding through those collaborative activities."

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Ateas skolutvecklingsresa 2020: Rosemary Luckin

Speaking at a Swedish educational conference, Rose discusses existing AI in education and its challenges and future developments.  Recorded in February 2020.

"We need to be able to help the educators integrate the constantly changing set of technologies that come their way.  This is particularly important when it comes to AI... we help teachers generate evidence about whether their use of the technology is supporting their practice."

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Exploring the Real Use of AI in Higher Education Today

Rose makes the case for tackling challenges in Higher Education using AI, recorded June 2020. 

"Understanding how to look at your institution through an AI lens, understanding how to look at the data you already have, can help demonstrate precisely where the AI solution needs to be first applied."

Turing Lecture: Is Education AI-Ready?

Invited to speak at the Alan Turing Institute, Rose gives her personal perspective on the use of data and tech to decide exam results across the UK.  This session was recorded in August 2020. 

"It's very important that we understand the differences between AI and human intelligence because we want to develop AI to complement human intelligence, not replace it."

Qatar Digital Learning Summit: Transforming Education Through AI

Joining the most innovative and disruptive networking summit in Qatar, Rose discusses AI's presence in the classroom with examples.  Recorded early June 2021. 

"The really valuable interactions that happen in education between teachers and learners, lecturers and students, are ones that AI, in many instances, cannot replicate.  I see the role of the teacher enriched by AI's presence in the classroom."

How can education become AI-ready?

The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education invited Rose to speak at a conference on technology in education and media.  Recorded July 2021. 

"The coming together of the data, algorithms, and computing power and memory is the perfect storm that means we now have this very powerful and intelligent technology.  We need to remember, however, that this technology is not intelligent the way we as humans are."

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UNESCO: Investing AI in Improving Education Systems 

Starting at 01:07:00, Mutlu discusses 'AI and Education: Recent Research Examples and 3 Key Lessons' at the UNESCO and RCEP AI summit.  Recorded late September 2021. 

"Attempting to answer these questions once the tools have been designed and are in practice, is a stage too late in which to address ethical concerns and ethical considerations.  AI implications have the power to be scaled, but that also means that any mistake that is led by AI implementations would create scaled harm."

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AI Ethics in Education Symposium: Navigating AI in Education with Ethics

Organised by the National Institute of Education, Singapore, and supported by the Singaporean MoE, Rose speaks on how we help people understand more about AI.  Recorded in late October 2021. 


"Regulation will always be somewhat lagging behind the technology, so it's extremely important that we help people to understand enough about AI so that they can help themselves to remain safe when using it.  If we don't address the ethical challenges of AI, we stand to lose out on its potential benefits." 

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Lessons from the Global Education Experiment: AI Readiness is Essential

Speaking at the EducFrontiers 2021 International Conference in the Philippines, Rose discusses why AI Readiness is essential for teachers and learners to leverage the AI available to them in their learning environments.  Recorded mid-November 2021. 


"It's only when you've used AI to understand the challenge can you make the best decisions about how to tackle the challenge." 

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What is it about AI that makes it useful for teachers and learners?

Contributing to the Raspberry Pi Computer Education Research Seminars, Rose discusses AI for teachers and learners.  The session was recorded in early December.  


"For the first time this year, I've been approached by schools about helping them to develop their AI strategy.  And that's interesting because that was something that you were seeing a bit of in universities but not so much in the school sector.  There's a lot of fear, and that's why AI needs to be so thoroughly unpacked." 


Tech Leaders on the State of AI in Education

At the 2022 ASU+GSV summit, Laurie joined a number of the leaders in the field to discuss how advancements in AI technology allow for a total reimagining of education.  The session was recorded in late March 2022.  


"AI is very much focussed on prediction in education and corporate industry.  The important thing is to rely on the AI to make the recommendations, but not the decisions." 

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Ethical AI in Education: The Reality Beyond the Guidelines

The scaled use of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, has awoken the educational world to the realization that AI is here, our students are using it and their future careers will evolve because of it.  


"Unlike most non-human biological cognition, human cognition is changing... this is a process that is accelerated by technology, and will be magnified by the use of cognitive assistants and cognitive prosthetics." 


Making Formative Assessment More Personal with AI

Rose speaks at the International eAssessment Conference in early June 2023.


"What we're seeing in our artificially intelligent systems is not the same as the intelligence that we as humans possess.  That's a really important point when it comes to formative assessment, and and indeed assessment of any sort." 

Image by Mojahid Mottakin

How AI will shape education now and in the future

Seneca welcomed Professor Rose Luckin to their new AI webinar series, asking how AI could be used in education effectively.


"Yes we have these tools that we can use to solve some of our big challenges, yes we need to help people understand AI so that they can reap the benefits safely, but the real big one is realising that because we now have these AI systems... we need to rethink education systems to make sure we build them to support and help learners." 

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EDUTech Asia 2023: Unlocking the Black Box of Learning

The team at EDUTech Asia sat down with Professor Rose Luckin to discuss generative AI, and AI's potential to unlock the black box of learning.  Recorded August 2023.


"Chat GPT represents the first time that there was scaled, free access to sophisticated artificial intelligence that anybody who had an internet connection could use.  That's something we haven't had before.  It's not that the AI that powers this technology is particularly innovative: these kind of generative models have been around for a few years." 

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