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Recruiting your Data Analysts: what the experts say

Technological developments, as well as the diffusion of smart devices, have resulted in large volumes of data that are generated at an unprecedented rate.  The formats of data, and the way humans interact with this data, are changing rapidly, and people must become "data literate".  They need to become active data explorers who can plan for, acquire, manage, analyse, and infer from data (Ferguson et al., 2017).


At the same time, technological developments also enable organisations to manage huge datasets efficiently and to store them for long periods.  Hence, data becomes a vital factor in the success of individuals and organisations.

The attached full report 'Long Read resource' is a draft, and will be updated once published later this year.


Analyzing data is now essential for success in education, employment, and other areas of activity in the knowledge society. Even though several frameworks describe the competencies and skills needed to meet current and future challenges of today's world, there is no data analytics competency framework which describes the importance of specific skills to succeed in data analytics assignments. We explore which competencies are required for effective data analytics by applying the Delphi technique and exploring the opinions of data analytics experts. Our results present a list of cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal competencies, voted up by a consensus panel of experts in the field. Focusing on the three categories of essential competencies will help better prepare students and employees for existing and future roles as citizens, employees, managers, parents, and volunteers. We urge policymakers, academic institutions, and educators to establish programs and reassess existing curricula and materials, to support the development of these essential competencies.

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About the Authors:

Orli Weiser

Orli is a doctoral candidate at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.  She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University and a M.A. with summa cum laude in Learning Technologies and Networks from The Open University of Israel.  Her primary research interests are Technological innovations in learning and teaching and Data Analytics Competencies.  Orli works as database administrator and volunteers in the "Ma'avarim" project, a supportive environment for research students.

Dr Carmel Kent

Carmel is the head of data science at EDUCATE and a senior research fellow at UCL. She is a computational social scientist, with a research focus on Artificial Intelligence for education and learning analytics.

Her other areas of interest focus on online learning communities, interactivity in online discussions and collaborative learning technologies.  She has 20 years of industry and academic experience, having worked as a software engineer, data scientist, entrepreneur, teacher and researcher, and for IBM research, EdTech and healthcare providers’ companies and a number of startups.