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Motivation in Learning with EdTech

The first of three papers in Facilitated Learning from Dr Canan Blake, Motivation is a factor that must be taken into account for optimising the teaching and learning process. 

When developing and using educational digital environments, it is important to consider the conditions that are known to promote learning. Learning is a complex process and there are many factors and conditions that affect its quality.  


Motivation is defined as an internal state or condition that directs human behaviour towards a goal. It is widely believed that a positive motivational state – often observed as enjoyment, affective engagement and situational interest – can have a positive effect on learning outcomes.


This review very briefly covers the constructs of motivation, feedback and mindset in education to help us understand how EdTech products and services might be enhanced. The aspiration is to help everyone to improve the efficacy and impact of EdTech tools by shaping approaches to their design and development.



Motivation, facilitated learning, motivation theory, self-efficacy, competencies, cognitive conflict, game-based learning, 

About the Author: Dr Canan Blake

Canan Blake is a researcher at the UCL Institute of Education and the co-convenor of the Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG) at the Open University, UK. Dr Blake has a background in science education and her recent area of research is Technology Enhanced Learning, focussing on Mobile and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning using collaborative discussion tools.  

Canan has been a research mentor for EDUCATE since 2018 and is analysing data gathered from cohorts of startups on the programme for a study on EdTech Entrepreneurs Understanding of Research.

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