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AI Readiness Webinar Series

AI for Businesses


Here you can find recordings of the webinars for businesses as they went out live during May to September 2020.  In March 2021, Rose, as cofounder of the Institute for Ethical AI in Education, helped develop the Ethical Framework for AI in Education for the institute, available to read here 

Step 1 - Educate, enthuse, excite


This webinar is about building an AI mindset within your community.

"If your user experience and your real-life user environment don't allow you to capture that vital data, your model is completely irrelevant."


With Rose and special guest Tom Hooper.

Image by Daniel Gregoire
Image by C D-X

Step 2 - Tailor and Hone


This webinar is about examining the challenges you want to address with data and AI.

"Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and at its heart, is about understanding problems so that you can see how they are solved."


With Rose and special guest Keiron Sparrowhawk .

Step 3 - Identify


This webinar is about identifying and collating existing data sources.

"Nobody should be making dramatic decisions - business model-changing decisions - based on a whim... creating a data mindset in your team is essential for survival."


With Rose and special guest Priya Lakhani.

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jan Meeus

Step 4 - Collect


This webinar is about gathering new data relevant to your particular challenge.

"Data is the main competitive differentiator when it comes to AI.  What data don't we have that is essential to our business?"


With Carmel and special guest Hannah Pickard.

Step 5 (part 1) - Apply


This webinar, relevant to both educators and businesses, is about implementing AI techniques.

"Are students engaging, setting milestones?  Of course that's only useful if the engagement metrics you've decided on are valuable.  We're learning now as a sector that we have to be much more adaptable - our student needs are now very different.  If they choose not to interact with us in a certain way, there's little meaning we can draw from that."


With Carmel and special guest Carmen Miles.

Image by Fili Santillán
Image by Ales Nesetril

Step 5 (part 2) - Apply


This webinar, relevant to both educators and businesses, is about implementing AI techniques.

"One of Machine Learning's 'unfair advantages' is seamlessly collecting data from a number of modalities and presenting the teachers with insight they can then use in assessment, or as a prompt for early intervention."


With Carmel and special guest Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli.

Step 6 - Learn


This webinar is about understanding what the data from applied AI is telling you.

"There are situations where you need AI to discover the patterns where traditional statistical techniques can't."


With Ben and special guest Madiha Khan-Galaria.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Step 7 - Iterate


This webinar is about lean product design, bias and ethics, and iterating your approach to AI Readiness.

"The previous years' results aren't a good proxy for upcoming results, and in particular cannot predict the outlier of a bright performance in an historically poor-performing cohort."


With Ben and special guests Chris Jenkins and Tom Moule.

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