AI Readiness Webinar Series

AI for Educators


Here you can find recordings of the webinars for educators as they went out live during May to September 2020.  In March 2021, Rose, as cofounder of the Institute for Ethical AI in Education, helped develop the Ethical Framework for AI in Education for the institute, available to read here 

Step 1 - Educate, enthuse, excite


This webinar is about building an AI mindset within your community.

"If AI is able to bring together the different data sources, it would free up teachers to do what they came into the profession to do."


With Rose and special guest Karine George.

Step 2 - Tailor and Hone


This webinar is about examining the challenges you want to address with data and AI.

"Deciding which challenges to examine with AI is actually a 2-part question.  How we use AI to solve the problem is only the second part.  The first is how AI helps us to understand the problem itself."


With Rose and special guest Karine George.

Step 3 - Identify


This webinar is about identifying and collating existing data sources.

"Frequently, what we're collecting data from is just a proxy for what we actually intend to understand and support in education."


With Mutlu and special guest Karine George.

Step 4 - Collect


This webinar is about gathering new data relevant to your particular challenge.

"What you really want to do is find new data that complements what you've got already, actually addresses the challenge you've identified, and only repeats collection with good reason."


With Rose and special guest Bob Harrison.

Step 5 (part 1) - Apply


This webinar, relevant to both educators and businesses, is about implementing AI techniques.

"Not all AI is data-driven, and not all data-driven solutions are AI."


With Carmel and special guest Carmen Miles.

Step 5 (part 2) - Apply


This webinar, relevant to both educators and businesses, is about implementing AI techniques.

"You want to be accurate but you need to be fair.  You don't want to invade student or staff privacy; you want to empower their decision-making abilities, not replace them."


With Carmel and special guest Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli.

Step 6 - Learn


This webinar is about understanding what the data from applied AI is telling you.

"Understanding the domain is just as important as understanding the data that's being generated."


With Mutlu and special guest Timo Hannay.

Step 7 - Iterate


This webinar is about revisiting each step on the framework until you're not only understanding the data, but the challenge as well.

"With regard to something like bullying, implementing voice analysis would be very helpful to understand how teachers respond to reports, and could be used to train staff to deal with issues in the school and community."

With Rose and special guest Karine George.