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Unlock the power of data
in education and training

AI is here, right now, but most of us know little about it.  If you ask the average person, they probably have no idea how it affects their work, play, or learning.  This course tells you what AI is, what it isn't, and what it can and cannot do, and why understanding human intelligence is key to understanding artificial intelligence.

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Take this course if you are an educator or working in an educational businesses.  If you're a parent, student, researcher, or just curious about AI, you'll find it helpful too.  Build your knowledge and skills so that you can work ethically and effectively with AI and data, and ensure that when it arrives on your doorstep, you see a familiar face.



Your instructor is Rowland Wells, EVR's Creative Producer. 


All the material in the online course has been adapted from the AI Readiness Framework in 'AI for School Teachers', published by Routledge, co-authored by Professor Rose Luckin, Associate Professor Mutlu Cukurova, and Karine George, Headteacher.  You can read about the authors here.

'AI for School Teachers' can be found here.

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What is the AI Readiness Course about?

Professor Rose Luckin's AI Readiness Online Course is a 7-step programme to help familiarise you with AI, and teach you what it can do with data.  Each step contains a set of modules to build up your knowledge and skills so that you may work ethically and effectively with AI and data.

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Who is our course for?

The AI Readiness Online Course is for educators and leaders in schools, and educational businesses, colleges and universities, and for parents, students, researchers, training organisations, entrepreneurs and EdTech developers, and anyone curious about AI and what it can do.

What is AI Readiness?

AI Readiness is when you and your organisation are ready to leverage the transformational power of AI in your educational setting.  There are 7 steps to get you to that point, and you can learn more about the framework in a series of webinars we've produced for educators and for educational businesses.

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Can I take the course even if I don't know anything about AI?

The course is an introduction to AI and data and can be taken even if that is not your background.  It doesn't get very technical, and you won't need to be working with AI or data currently in order to understand how they and the course could help you.

Professor Rose Luckin's
AI Readiness Online Course

Step 1 - Educate, Enthuse, Excite

Learn about the history of AI, what human intelligence really is, and why data and ethics are so important.

Step 2 - Tailor and Hone

Find out how to pick the challenge that AI could help solve in your learning or training environment.

Step 3 - Identify

Discover how to identify what data you have at your disposal already, and why ethics are so important when trying to access it.

Step 4 - Collect

Learn why the collection of data must be done carefully, and why it should complement the data you have in your possession already.

Step 5 - Apply

Unpacking what AI can do with the data you've got will help you understand more about your data, and the challenges you face.

Step 6 - Learn

Address and improve the conditions in which your challenges appear, by learning from the results of applied AI.

Step 7 - Iterate

The end of the AI Readiness Online Course is also the beginning.  Refine your approach, and understand your data and your challenge.

AIRC Steps
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